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Teens in the Driver’s Seat:

Teens in the Driver Seat® is a peer-to-peer safety program for America’s youth.

Teens in the Driver Seat® is an initiative under the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Youth Transportation Safety (YTS) Program. YTS seeks to save lives and reduce injuries among America’s youth by developing and delivering the nation’s most comprehensive suite of transportation safety programs and projects.

Over 1,800 schools now have implemented the Teens in the Driver Seat® program, reaching over 1.5 million teens. The program has also been deployed in 38 states outside Texas.

Learn more at: About Teens in the Driver Seat – A peer-to-peer safe driving program for your school. (

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AutoCoach®: Free Teen Driver Training App for Parents:

In partnership with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and CapTech, Shepherd Center created the AutoCoach® mobile app for parents to teach their teens to drive safely. Certified driver rehabilitation specialists developed the content for parents to teach teens how to drive safely. The AutoCoach 2.0 version of the app includes specialized instruction for parents of teens with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Studies show parents who model, monitor and enforce safe driving practices help protect against teenage injuries and fatalities from car crashes. The AutoCoach app helps parents model safe driving behaviors for their teens. Download the app for free from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Learn more at AutoCoach® Safe Teen Driver Training App | Shepherd Center

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Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Teen Driver Training Course:

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is offering a unique teen driver’s ed course to Columbia County teens. The 8-hour course teaches teens aged 15 -17 how to respond in dangerous driving situations like how to regain control of a car when you’re skidding out, correcting yourself when you’ve lost control, etc. The program is free and teens can sign up by calling Columbia County’s Community Services.


Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Teen Safe Driver Camp:

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, will be holding the Fourteenth Annual Safe Driving Camp for ages fifteen to seventeen. The one-day camp will teach new drivers about the consequences of distracted driving, the dangers of driving impaired, tips for defensive driving, skid, and off-road recovery techniques, safety at grade crossings, and demonstrate important vehicle maintenance practices. 

The camp will take place at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 9, 2022. Anyone wishing to attend must complete the application on the reverse side and return it to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office either in person or by mail. The deadline for applications is June 10, 2022. Space is limited. 

Who: Teen Drivers ages fifteen (15) through seventeen (17) years old.

What: Teen Safe Driving Camp to teach good driving habits and techniques

When: Saturday, July 9, 2022/ 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (check-in at 8:30 a.m.)

Where: Georgia Public Safety Training Center, 1000 Indian Springs Dr., Forsyth, GA

Cost: $20.00 non-refundable / Includes hot lunch and logo T-shirt. 

How to Apply: Complete the on the reverse side and send it with payment to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. (Checks payable to Monroe Co. S.O.)


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