Surge Readiness: Initial Trauma Care Tactics for Mass Casualty Surge Events

The Surge Readiness offering is a 4-hour course presented by the R5 Trauma Instructional team in conjunction with the Region H and Region F Healthcare Preparedness Coalitions. The course is designed to prepare partnering hospitals with the tactics needed to effectively manage the initial moments of a no-notice Mass Casualty Incident.

Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs) have the potential to quickly exhaust resources available for response. The sudden arrival of a surge of
patients present a logistical challenge to rapidly process a large number of casualties through the system while simultaneously providing life-sustaining care to the injured.

The course is meant to be multidisciplinary and is appropriate for anyone that would potentially be involved in a SURGE event.

Topics Include:

  • Mass Casualty TTX
  • MARCH PAWS Assessment
  • Hemorrhage Control
  • Chest Seals/Chest Decompression
  • Alternative patient movement (drags/carries/etc)
  • Facility Specific Considerations

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