Technology has been a part of my life since I was a young teen. I ran sound and video in my local school and church for many years and continue to serve when asked. I have a passion for using technology aid us in our work and to make our lives easier. I also find it fun to use technology to the fullest, meaning not buying the newest and greatest if our current technology will accomplish our mission without compromising quality. This saves us money now to spend on better technology in the future or more of the current technology when needed. I love to experiment with new technologies to see if they will suite my needs or the needs of a client before investing money into a full purchase. In addition, technology should be a part of every child's education and as a technologist I look for ways to bring teens and even younger children into the design and build phase so they can learn how "this stuff" works.




Organizational Technology Experience

  1. Graduate Medical Education, Coliseum Medical Centers, September 2017 - present, DGME, Application of HealthStream LMS to solve local GME and hospital needs. Course development and deployment.
  2. School of Health Sciences, Middle Georgia State College, September 2009 - July 2015, as resident technical adviser and resource setting up teaching and testing systems on the Blackboard LMS, free standing computers, and web based platforms.
  3.  Medical Center - NavicentHealth, Cerner Systems, March 2003 - September 2009, Liaison for Respiratory and Neurodiagnostics during several large system changes and roll outs. Functioned as trainer and system QI/QA to insure proper patient billing on the new systems.



Simulation and Instructional Technologies

  1. Camtasia®, utilized to develop online video lectures with pre/post quiz feature for instructor review.
  2. Desire 2 Learn®,LMS for use in online, hybrid, and traditional classroom formats. Incorporated modules, quizzes, videos, and discussion features in the curriculum.
  3. Audacity®, utilized for editing voice overlay to PowerPoint and Prezi lectures converted to video.
  4. SimMan®, by Laerdal, Utilized for simulation training for respiratory therapists, nurses, and physicians.
  5. i-Stan®, by CAE, Utilized for simulation based training for clinicians within the hospital and abroad.
  6. ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator®, IngMar Medical, Utilized for high fidelity simulation exercises applied to real world ventilators
  7. MOODLE®, Developed and deployed this learning management system to the 230+ nurses in the ICU for knowledge testing and online education at a cost of $200/year.
  8. SimBaby®, by Laerdal, Utilized for simulation training for respiratory therapists, nurses, and physicians.

Participant Response Systems


Open Source Statistics


Video Conferencing


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