Developing a Med Ed Board Game

I’m very into table top game play. I’m more interested in how board games can be used as a medical education modality or simulation experience. This research is not new so, I figured there must be some history in the literature on the subject. That’s when I asked ChatGPT for some help and this is

Programming to Relax

A while back I was talking to some colleagues about statistics. I mentioned that I enjoy programming and developing statistics code… it actually relaxes me. People looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Well there is some support for what I said… but only for some people. Programming and coding have been

Teaching to Perfect

I was faced recently with a question… So, should you teach to perfect or should you teach to improve future performance? I used ChatGPT to see what others are saying about this question. This is what I found. Research in education supports the idea that teaching students to focus on improvement is more effective than