The goal of teaching is to influence behavior. Learning through experience is the best way to transfer knowledge, develop skills, and change attitude. Through simulation the teacher can influence behavior in a way that will transfer to the real world.

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The inquisitive person asks questions that the researcher works to answer. Through the use of various techniques of data collection and statistical analysis, questions can be answered and problems solved.

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Technology is the use of various techniques to make one's job easier. Many people fail to realize the full potential of their current resources and as a result, they waste money on newer and shinier only to fail again.

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Creative Engineering

No matter the task at hand or the challenge being face, creativity should always be considered. Through the use of a diverse set of skills and experiences, the creative engineer thinks outside the box and beyond limitations.

Rules exist, but may be used to your advantage or they may be changed to suit your needs. The creative engineer thinks beyond the rules and considers beyond the normal to arrive at the goal.

Whether the situation is in the domain of life, development, or work, the creative engineer is one who can help you solve your personal problem, challenges in workforce development, or professional practice.


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